“Breathe!” for solo violin (2020)

“Ramifying Circles” for solo piano (2018)

“Soliloquy” for solo violin (2016)

“Sarmal (Swirl)” for piano solo (2013)

“Epigram” for Contrabass-Clarinet (2012)

“Distant Dream” for solo Harp (2003)

“Seven Epigrams” for Oboe Solo (2003)

“Triptych” for solo Piano (2003)

“A-scape” for solo Double Bass (2003)

“Polarization” for solo Bassoon (2002)

“Transformation” for solo Piano (2002)


“Shadows of twilight” for violin, bass-clarinet, and piano (2022)

“Tracing the shadows” for solo violin and electronics (2022)

“Ritual of unknown mythologies” for mixed ensemble (2020-22)

“Seyir” for String Quartet (2012)

“Inhibited Momentum” for Contrabass-Clarinet, Cello, Piano, and Percussion (2012)

“Sort Sol” (Black Sun) for Piano and String Quartet (2011)

“Sabah sabah” for flute, harp, and viola (2010)

“Kekeme (Stutterer)” for two pianos and two percussionists (2010)

“Undulating Accents” for Percussion Quartet (2009)

“Logos” for Flute, Clarinet, Violin and Cello (2008)

“Waterprints” for Small Ensemble [Fl., Cl., Trp., Pno., Perc., Vln., Vcl.,] (2007)

“Mist Bells” for Small Ensemble [Fl., Cl., Trp., Perc., Pno., Vln., Vcl.], (2003)


“La plus étrange des crèatures” for soprano, bass-clarinet and electronics, commissioned by MANCA festival; premiered by Accroche Note; electronics are prepared in collaboration with Alexis Baskind (2014)

“Adam” for Soprano and Piano, settings on Cemal Süreyya (2009)


“Mise-en-abyme” for Large Ensemble (2012/2015)
[Fl. (picc.), Ob., Cl. (Bass Cl.), Bsn., Hrn., Tp., Tbn., Perc., Hrp., Vln., Vla., Vcl., Db.]

“Enfilade: Lamento-Cambiata” for Large Ensemble (2012)
[Fl., Ob., Cl.(Bass Cl.), Bsn., Hrn., Tp., Tbn., Perc., Pno., Vln. 1&2, Vla., Vcl., Db.]

“In Trace of the Memories Lost in the Infinity of Time” for Large Ensemble – commissioned by RNCM New Ensemble [Fl.(A.Fl.), Ob., Cl., Bsn.(Cbsn.), Hrn., Trp., Perc., Pno., Vln.1&2,, Vla., Vcl., Db.] (2002)


“The call of light” for string orchestra (2020)

“Dreams of a river” for Orchestra (2019)

Movements for “Gallipoli Project – Our Children” commissioned by Bilkent Symphony Orchestra (2015)

“Glittering Shadows” for Symphonic Orchestra – commissioned by Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester and Musikollegium Winterthur (2010-11)

“Declamatory Stutterings” for Harp Solo and Chamber Orchestra – written for New York Philharmonic Composers’ Studio (2010/2012)

“Nightwalker” for Symphonic Orchestra – commissioned by Orpheum Foundation, Switzerland – [3333,4331, Timp. 3 Perc., Strings] (2006)

“Nocturnal Sun” Symphony Concertante for Piano and Orchestra [3333,4331, timp, 3 perc. Pno solo, strings] (2006)

“Left” for Symphonic Orchestra (3333,4331, timp., 3Perc, Pno, Strings)

“Impressions” for String Orchestra (2001)

“4 Tableaux” for Symphonic Orchestra  (2000)