Recent Performances

May 7th 2022: premiere of “Ritual of unknown mythologies” by Hezarfen Ensemble, in Bristol, UK.

May 2nd 2022: premiere of “The shades of twilight” and “Nadia Boulanger Variations” at Merkin Hall, NYC

April 22nd 2022: “Tracing the shadows” for violin and electronics, by I. B. Kucukdogan at the “ELECTRIC SOLOS” by Contemporary Chamber Players concert, Memphis, TN.

September 27th 2020: Sound meditation for “Up in the air”: an artistic collaboration with Amanda Millet-Sorsa and Maki Teshima

October 20th, 2020: “The call of light” for Gedik Philharmonic, Istanbul, Turkey.

July 2-8, 2020: Premiere of “Breathe!” for solo violin, performed by Önder Baloğlu, commissioned for the “Unvoiced Diaries” by Gedik Sanat.

May 5th 2019: Naxos Release of “Soliloquy” for solo violin, recorded by Ellen Jewett

March 19th 2019: “Inhibited Momentum” performed by Ensemble U, Estonia.

March 14th 2019: World Premiere of “Dreams of Water” by Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Gürer Aykal, Istanbul, Turkey.

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